Special Workshops

Liz and Yannick return to Seattle June 22-26 

All classes are open for couples and singles 
All classes will focus on elegance in movement, posture, embrace, and technique for leads and follows. 
All the 2 hour classes will be 1.5 hours of instruction and ½ hour of guided practice time.

Thursday – U-Heights 5031 University Way NE
7:00-9:00 $30
Technique and method of pivoting -Awesome Adornos (embellishments) for leaders and followers
Effect Sacadas vs. Real Sacadas - 

Friday - La Vida - 13620 NE 20th St
7:30-8:30 $20 or $25 for both the class and milonga
Sequences for reduced space; dancing on a square tile

Saturday – Suenos de Salsa -12524 Lake City Way NE
10:00-12:00 $30
Legendary Figures of the old maestros - “Milonguero style” vs Traditional Tango
Rhythmic sequences with va-y-vien and dynamic changes of weight - Smooth barridas
1:00-3:00 $30
The best turning and circular sequences for Vals

Sunday at Suenos de Salsa - 12524 Lake City Way NE
11:00-1:00 $30
Legendary Figures of the old maestros 2
Musicality; hear, recognize, interpret, and play with the different instruments

Sunday at La Garua 1714 18 Ave. Seattle
$20 or $25 for both the class and milonga
4:30-5:30 the Art of walking
Contact Michelle for private lessons   206-334-7496

Argentine Tango Workshops
Liz De Vuyst & Yannick Vanhove   (Los Belgas)

Liz and Yannick are one of Europe’s leading “Tango Salon” dance couples and teachers. They love everything about Tango and teach it with openness, humility, patience, and a touch of humor to dancers of all levels – always with a strong emphasis on technique and moving naturally.
In every dance, they are able to express the strong connection between them as they strive for simplicity, elegance, and musicality. When they dance Tango Salon in a performance, it is always 100% improvised

  • Where to Dance in Seattle
    Sundays -
    Tango 2nd and 4th Tango at La Garua on Capitol Hill, Polish Hall at 18 and Madison (5:30-9:30).  Lesson with Michelle at 4:40  
    Waltz Cafe every 2nd and 4th Sunday has a afternoon dance from 1-3:30 at the CB
    WC Swing and Ballroom at China Harbor  from 8:30-12   or the Seattle WC swing club
    Country at Little Red Hen
    Tango at China Harbor
    WC Swing and more Dances at the Yuppie Tavern in Kirkland
    Waltzing at Waltz etc. www.waltzetc.com     
    Sasla all ages at Century Ballroom
    Tango at the Century Ballroom    
    WC Swing at the Century Ballroom  
    Salsa  at Salsa N Seattle www.salsanseattle.com
    Country at Little Red Hen
    EC Swing at Century Ballroom   
    Ballroom at Danceworks in Redmond  
    WCS @ Harmony  Ballroom, Bellevue  
    WC Swing at China Harbor is fun.    
    Country at Little Red hen
    Salsa at CB
    Country at Little Red Hen 
    Fridays - Country at the hayloft in Lynnwood
    Tango 2nd Fridays at Dance works in Redmond 
    Salsa at Salsa N Seattle  www.salsanseattle.com
    Salsa Tropical!    
    @ China Harbor Restaurant  
    Salsa dancing at the Century Ballroom  or at China Harbor
    West Coast Swing with  Paul and Melinda Booth  in Kirkland.  www.songscout.net
    Swing, Waltz and more with live music with NW Dance in Seattle
    www.nwdance.net www.nwdance.net 

  • Country at the Hayloft in Lynnwood
  • Producer/Host/MC.:  Gustavo "EL General"