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Classes start this week!

Argentine Tango 
Sundays at Salsa N Seattle - 1200 Stewart St.
5:00-6:00  Salon style - Intermediate / Adv.
6:00-7:00  Nuevo Milonga Intermediate / Adv.

Tuesday starting Jan. 20 at 
UHCC - 5031 Univ. Way NE
7:00  Beginning Salsa
8:00  Country 2-step and Swing

Wednesday starting Jan.21 at 
UHCC 5031 Univ. Way NE
7:00  Beginning Argentine Tango
8:00  Intermediate Traditional Argentine Tango

Survival Partner Dancing
2/12  8:00-10:00,  2/24  7:00-9:00,   3/10  7:000-9:00
one time only classes.  Great for new dancers.

I still have some soft, warm Cashmere Creations.
Gloves, scarfs, skirts, slippers, hats and I just added Long underwear. Come by anytime to see what I have. Just call first. 206-334-7496

Challenge to all Vets in the Seattle area - come to class and learn to dance for free!
Veterans Dance Free Challenge

One of my favorite events is Sweetheart Jamboree Feb. 6-8 2015
I never miss it if I'm in town!  The best Country Dancing all year!

Current Announcements:

EXCO Classes
www.exco.org  or call 206-68-LEARN

at University Heights Center - 5031 University Way NE
just $45 for public or $35 for UW students

Survival Partner Dancing
2/12  8:00-10:00,  2/24  7:00-9:00,   3/10  7:000-9:00
one time only classes.  Great for new dancers.
Tuesday   7:00-8:00  starts Jan 

Argentine Tango - Experience the Passion
Wednesday 7:00-8:00  Ends Dec. 17

Traditional Argentine Tango Level 2

Wednesday.  8:00-9:00  Ends Dec. 17
no need to register - just show up and do both classes for just $15  

Private lessons are a great way to learn
I also love working with wedding couples!
They are $70 per hour and held at my studio at 1320 NE 63rd St Seattle 98115
Call 206-334-7496 to make an appointment

YES - Free dance classes for all Vets
Please help spread the word.
I would love classes full of Vets from any war and current service men and women.

HELP - If you have enjoyed taking class from me could you write a quick review on Yahoo or Yelp or Facebook or whatever app you use.  I love to teach and dance, but marketing is not so fun for me.

Michelle Badion

Learn to dance today!

MMMichelle Badion has been teaching partner dancing, full time in the Seattle area since 1989. She loves to dance, perform and most of all to teach. She has a way of making dancing accessable and fun for everyone. Michelle specializes in Argentine Tango, Salsa and West Coast Swing, but also loves to teach Waltz, Country, East Coast Swing, Cha Cha, Night Club 2-Step, Cumbia and Bachata.

Services include:

  • Group Dance Lessons
  • ASUW Experimental College Classes
  • Private Classes
  • Performances in Argentine Tango, Salsa, and Swing
  • Wedding Preperation Lessons
  • Choreography
  • Show and Cabaret Production
  • Gift Certificates for group and private lessons